Kaitlin Littlechild

Editing and Proofreading Services

Professional academic editing, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and beta reading services performed by an experienced editor.

Identifying Your Editing Needs

My goal is to help writers effectively communicate their own ideas.

Academic editing

Editing services are available for all types of academic writing. This service includes verifying and adhering to the required formatting and citation guidelines in the appropriate style guide. I am proficient in APA, Chicago, MLA, AP, CP, and AMA. I can also follow organization- or institution-specific style guides. Information on academic honesty can be found on the terms and conditions page.

developmental editing

Developmental editing services include assessing a manuscript for content, clarity, and structure. Suggestions for reorganizing and rewriting will be made when necessary. Developmental editing will also address stylistic issues by clarifying meaning, improving flow, eliminating jargon, smoothing language, and any non-mechanical line-by-line editing.  Readability can also be addressed.


Copy editing

Copy editing focuses on improving the clarity, conciseness, and consistency of language. This service includes editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other errors in the mechanics of style. Issues with sentence and paragraph structure will also be addressed. Verifying internal consistency of facts and editing the text to conform to the required style is included.


Proofreading is the final run-through to correct any final errors that could detract from the polished and professional look of your writing. This service includes checking previously formatted and edited material for errors of spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as deviations from the style sheet and errors in formatting. Proofreading can be done on Word documents, in Adobe Acrobat and on hardcopy documents using proofreader marks.


comprehensive copy editing

This package includes the services listed under both copy editing and proofreading. The document will undergo a standard copy edit and will be returned to the author. Once the author has made the necessary changes, I will perform a final run-through of the document to ensure that no new errors were introduced.

Beta Reading

Beta reading is available for authors who are looking for quality feedback and constructive criticism on their manuscripts. This service includes in-depth feedback on your fiction or non-fiction manuscript from the reader's perspective. This read-through will help identify what works and what doesn't, including issues with plot, character, pacing, dialogue, and narrative voice. Please note that this is not a developmental edit and no changes will be made to the manuscript.