Kaitlin Littlechild

Business and Web Services

Editing and writing of business communication and web content


Clear, Concise Communication



Business services involve ensuring that your internal and customer-facing content and communication is polished and professional looking. I am an experienced writer and editor of newsletters, annual reports, technical reports, marketing and advertising material, and social media content, to name a few.

Having your business communication professionally edited ensures that your messaging is clear, and your content, voice, and tone are consistent – this is essential when your communication documents have multiple contributors.   


I will work with you to understand your style, voice, and goals in order to ensure that your web content accurately reflects your brand and messaging.

Web editing consists of having your existing website, blog, or other social media content edited and polished, taking SEO considerations and other best practices into consideration.

Don’t have existing content or need a fresh start? No problem! I will work with you to develop compelling web content that highlights your vision and lets your unique brand shine through!

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